Our inspiration came from Nature. Butterflies, such as those of the family Metalmark, have a dazzling array of iridescent colors that are achieved due to the micro-structures in the materials that make up their wings. This structure has the added benefit of repelling water and giving ultra-lightness and strength to enable flight. Employing scalable nanofabrication, we create similar structures in various material combinations. Beyond having beautiful colors, these materials convert toxic and odor-causing fumes and particles into benign ones. They can be further designed to possess other properties such as anti-viral functions and electrical conductivity. Incorporated into air cleaning systems, the materials maintain high performance and long durability. Leveraging the platform technology, we can build materials with use cases in specialty coatings, emission control, chemical production, fuel cells, carbon dioxide conversion, and more.

Metalmark’s long-term plan includes expanding its scope to produce multifunctional coatings and other catalytic materials to not only reduce emissions from factories and vehicles, but also perform chemical transformations, such as converting the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into useable materials.

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