LipoCoat is a biotech company specialised in ‘bio-inspired’ coatings that improve the safety, comfort, and performance of devices with a focus on health and nutrition. Our pipeline comprises discovery and (pre)-clinical programmes in the medical device and drug discovery space. Our ambition is to become a leading biotech company dedicated to improving health and well-being through the discovery, development, and commercialisation of novel surface solutions.

We see a myriad of possibilities with our unique coating technology platform and have defined our strategic roadmap by way of contact lenses, catheters, and other implants- eventually developing a line of therapeutic coatings.


The company is based on the research conducted by Jasper van Weerd between 2010-2014, who at the time was a PhD student. Jasper took inspiration from nature and invented a new type of coating. A coating that mimics the cell membrane in such a way that surfaces in watery environments can exhibit anti-stick properties preventing such occurrences as microbial build-up. This invention was patented and LipoCoat landed its first strategic partner for the rigid contact lens coating in the year it was incorporated

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