What is Architectural:

“relating to the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings”.
A general term to describe buildings and other physical structures. The art and science of designing buildings and (some) nonbuilding structures.

What is Architecturalcoating:

The term Architecturalcoating cover a wide range of different coatings like, varnishes,paints,primers,sealers,inks,ceramics and several others. As they are applied on interior&exterior walls ,floors and ceilings or buildings. Architectural Coatings should be resistant to certain factors such as moisture, heat,changing weather,chemicals and similar others.
Architectural coating can be based on functions, the market segmentation includes:
  • Coating: A coating is a covering that is applied to the surface of an object.
  • Paint: Paint is any pigmented liquid.
  • Sealer: Sealant is a substance used to block the passage.

More functions:

Ceramics, Inks,Lacquers,Primers, Powdercoating,Primers,Stains and Varnishes
Architectural Coating, also referred to as Decorative Coating, are coating formulations that can be used to coat buildings and homes.


Architectural Coatings – Representing the largest end-use segment of the worldwide coatingmarket.
The global Architecturalcoating market is expected to reach $81,861 by 2022 from $57,270 in 2015,growing at a CARG of 5,6% from 2016 to 2022

This Coating Sector includes all decorative coatings (sometimes referred to as architectural coatings), which are those applied to buildings and associated structures for decoration and protection.
Decorative coatings contribute about 45% of the total value and industrial coatings about 55%.
The sector is split into the following main categories: DIY Paints – these are the coatings found in shops and superstores for application by homeowners etc.
Trade Paints – coatings that are supplied to the professional decorating sector and companies that carry out new build or refurbishment of buildings, not generally available to the general public.
Woodcare – term used to cover a wide range of products that decorate and protect wooden substrates. These include, for example, fence and shed paints, decking paints and varnishes, floor varnishes and wood stains.
Special effect paints and specialist finishes – a range of coatings that provide two-tone effects and special aesthetic finishes often requiring special application techniques.

Top 20 Architectural Coating Companies

2020 Top Companies
01. PPG $15,100,000,000
02. Sherwin-Williams* $12,800,000,000
03. AkzoNobel $10,160,000,000
04. Nippon Paint $6,310,000,000
05. RPM $5,600,000,000
06. Axalta $4,500,000,000
07. BASF $4,150,000,000
08. Kansai Paint $3,780,000,000
09. Asian Paints $2,830,000,000
10. Masco $2,080,000,000
11. Jotun $1,830,000,000
12. Hempel 1,721,000,000
13. DAW* $1,443,000,000
14. Berger Paints $1,080,000,000
15. SkSHU Paints $1,050,000,000
16. Benjamin Moore* $982,000,000
17. Ace Paint* $879,000,000
18. Kelly-Moore* $859,000,000
19. SK Kaken $830,000,000
20. Chugoku $803,000,000
Exciting trend: Architectural -Decorative Coating are going online!

5 online companies that already make the difference in this market

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As you can see ,the subject of Architecturalcoating is very broad,as Architecturalcoatings are applied in many sectors and fields.
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